It’s All About One Lynchpin!

With a relatively quite week, I was able to catch up on some much-needed reading, and pod cast reviews. I was immersed in watching a series of videos from John Berardi PhD of Precision Nutrition fame. I think the recipes that John and his team create are amazing and he poses a great deal of knowledge through his videos and emails. His last series of videos come from his presentation at the Perform Better Summit and he brings about the idea of COMPLIANCE TO SUPPORT CHANGE.

Now let me start off and say that I am in a lucky position that I work mostly with athletes; athletes who are motivated to be at the centre, training and competing. Where they need the biggest changes in their view of workouts. I would at this time like to refer you to a video by Vern Gambetta. In this video, Vern Gambetta talks about the perception an athlete must take in regards to their view of training in order to go from good to great.



With athletes, although there are numerous factors that affect every day of their training, this concept by Vern Gambetta could play a huge role in an athlete’s development and change compliance.

Now when it comes to the general client, the ones who would like to lose a little weight, gain that six pack for the New Year, I will be the first to admit… I have difficulties. I will say that I have gone through all the stages that John Berardi described in his pod casts. I truly believed that, “I am awesome therefore my client will be awesome.” But when changed did not happen as quickly I thought, “ Well, I am awesome but my clients are not doing what I asked them to do… therefore it is not me, it is them.” But I now ask, for my general clients, “If they are not making the drastic changes that are possible, why? What am I doing that is hindering their progress?” You know what it is? I ask too much.

I throw too many factors that they need to change, and talk about the things that they are doing incorrectly. I have to say that I am a little embarrassed that I have done that because I should and do know better. I hate to be told that I am wrong, so why would my clients respond when they are told what they are doing is wrong. I get caught up in what will work, what the science dictates and the end result and forget the process. And once again, it is an education piece; teaching the client that change is a process. It does not happen over night. And it is about change in small doses. It is finding that Lynchpin. I teach Olympic lifting in chunks, I do not ask an athlete to complete a Clean and Jerk upon the first time touching a bar. Why then would I ever think that I am going to change everything at once? It is about changing small habits that make the biggest differences. These differences are listed below are what John Berardi recommends with his clients. This is one smart man who had produced some great results and transformations. He must be doing something right. It starts by choosing one or two of these habits and being consistent with this change for 1 month… next month we change another habit.

Take Fish Oil and a Multi-vitamin

Slow Down Your Eating

Stop Eating at 80% Full

Eat at Least 5 Servings of Vegetables

Eat Protein With Each Meal

Eat Few Process Carbohydrates

Eat Around 4 Times a Day

Record What You Eat Today

Sleep At Least 7 Hours Today

Drink 2 Litres of Water Today

Drink a BCAA Recovery Drink

Eat Mostly Whole Foods

Remember that it is not about changing all these at one time… it is about changing all of these slowly over time. Collectively, these small changes over time will account for great change.

Looking ahead, I have been chatting with friends and I have been introduced to a fascinating concept that sparked many thoughts. In my next post I will take a brief look at what this changes and how physical well-being could positively affect our longevity and mental capabilities as we age. Dr. Tim Noakes may not be all that far off.

Once again, yours in health and performance,

Jeff Osadec, Mkin, CEP, CSCS

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