Making a decision on who I can trust with my career is a decision I make daily, and one I take very seriously.  Trusting Jeff Osadec to work with me for the last 5+ years has been a no-brainer.  It is hard to find someone as dedicated to the short-term and long-term betterment of the athlete as Jeff.  Being with Jeff on a daily basis gave me insight into how thorough he is in the programming and execution. Monitoring highs and lows, injuries, plateaus… etc.  Jeff is ready and capable of handling all of them. Above all, he is an outstanding person and will always be a joy to train with every day.

Mike Soroka

Pitcher – Atlanta Braves

28th overall in the 2015 MLB draft

MLB debut in 2018

All-Star 2019

Atlanta Braves pitcher Mike Soroka poses for photos at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, in Calgary, AB on January 7, 2020. (Photo: Dave Holland/Canadian Sport Institute Calgary Photos)

My goal is to be a professional athlete, growing up I was unsure of my capabilities when it came to my athletic career. I had no idea where to begin in terms of working out and fitness. I had never been exposed to working out in the off-season, usually, I would jump right into spring hockey. As I got older, I started to see working out would help me achieve my dream of playing professional hockey, I had to jump on it.

I came in contact with Jeff 7 years ago, he quickly made me feel comfortable in the gym. Every year when I come back to see Jeff in the gym, he’s got a summer plan already laid out for me. His dedication and passion for his work are so special to see, he cares so much about each of his athletes. Working out with Jeff I was provided with proper instruction whether it was form, posture, and mobility. He understands that keeping me in the gym injury-free will benefit me to tackle every day at my best. I had overwhelming amounts of confidence in the gym, I knew how to be safe and improve. Jeff has changed my viewpoint on working out, I love going in and working out because whether the day is hard or not, I know I will have a lot of fun working and playing around with Jeff. I l basically lived there, came early, and stayed late just to hang out with Jeff. His welcoming personality makes him easy to talk to and a supporter in my athletic journey. The thing I love most about Jeff is that he is more than a coach to me. He’s a great friend of mine and will be forever, I text him during my season to check up and see how he’s doing, and he’s always fired up to see how my year is going. That is support not many can say they have from their strength coach. I put my athletic training career in his hands every summer, and I will continue for as long as I can.

He has made me a better athlete but more importantly a better human being. I can’t say enough about how incredible my 7 years have been with him, but I’m lucky enough to continue the journey with him.

-Jonny Tychonick

University of Nebraska Omaha

2018 round 2 #48 overall by Ottawa Senators

I consider myself lucky to have worked with Jeff over a number of years throughout my career with the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team. He was not only my strength coach but became a friend and confidant as well. Going to the gym each day, I had fun working with him and knew that there was science, physiology, and purpose behind everything I was doing, and that gave me confidence as an athlete, knowing I was doing everything I could when it came to my training to be the best hockey player and athlete I could be. Once you work with Jeff and commit to his program, you will see the results that his coaching and expertise bring!

Meaghan Mikkelson – 2x Olympic Gold Medalist and Olympic Silver Medalist – Team Canada Women’s Hockey