An Interesting Story

I may have mentioned his name once or twice before but anyone in strength and conditioning should read “Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik”. It is a great read and the material is very thought provoking in regards to strength training. I receive his email news letter on a weekly basis and this gem of a letter was sent past week. The message is strong. Hope you enjoy and thanks to Brooks for the dedication he exudes for old school lifting.

“I was at the shooting range not very long ago.
Inside range. Seven lanes.

So I’m in lane no. 3, and there’s an old guy
(oops — I mean, a guy not much older than me)
on the left, and a group of four young guys in
two of the lanes to my right. I listen to them
and watch their shooting for awhile.

The old guy is quiet. Silver hair. Seems to be
in good shape. Stands tall, back straight,
shoulders back. I peg him for ex-military.
Maybe ex-law enforcement.

The young guys are — well — young guys —
and they’re acting like young guys. Loud, brash,
and noisy. Constantly talking. Cheering for one
another even though there’s no reason to cheer.

Hollering “Got him!” and “Look at that!”

They’re using semi-auto’s, of course, and they
empty the entire mag every time they fire. All
by laughter and more of that “Got him!” talk.

They’re throwing brass everywhere — and lead,
as well.

They have their targets set at 7 yards — and
they’re big silhouette targets — and I think
they actually missed the target sometimes.
When they hit it, they hit it anywhere. Their
shots are all over the place. No control. No
precision. I don’t even think they were aiming.
Too busy talking and laughing and acting macho.

The old guy is doing something totally different.

There’s total quiet. (He’s concentrating.)

There’s a long pause. (He’s aiming.)


There’s a single shot.

And there’s a hole right through the center of the

Then there’s another pause — and he repeats the
entire process.

He works slowly, methodically and precisely —
and he makes every shot count.

When he finishes, there’s no more bulls-eye. He’s
blown it away.

You may be wondering what this has to do with
strength training.

There’s a parallel.

That very same night, in gyms across the world,
there are groups of young guys (and some not so
young), who train together. They’re loud, brash
and noisy. Constantly talking. Cheering for one
another even though there’s no particular reason
to cheer.

They take turns doing their sets, and when they
begin, they grab the bar and rep out like they
were shooting a semi-automatic.

ZERO control and the worst form you ever imagined.

And then they drop the bar and flex their guns
and tell the world how great they are.

Except they’re not really that great, and their
guns look more like water pistols than cannons,
and the only thing that’s growing is your
headache if you have to listen to them.

Meanwhile, there’s an old guy training alone in
his garage.

He doesn’t yell, and he doesn’t scream.

He doesn’t say, “Watch this!”

No one tells him, “It’s all you, bro!”

Instead, it’s one perfect rep after another.

Slow — precise — methodical — and perfect.

Every rep is a bulls-eye.

And that, my friend, is how you train for REAL

If you want the secret to BIG GAINS — you just
read it.

It’s about concentration — focus — precision —
and control.

That’s what works at the shooting range — and
that’s what works in the gym (or the garage).

And I cannot emphasize ENOUGH just how important
it is.


It’s the difference between success and failure.

The difference between missing the target — or
blowing a hole right through the center of the

The difference between getting ZERO RESULTS —
or getting GREAT RESULTS from your training.

In other words — all the difference in the world.

All the difference — in the world.”

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