Dear Social Media.

I am saddened to see the state our province is in, the culture of society reflected through the online lens. My views are my own, and any debate or negative comments will be deleted. 

For my own mental health I need a break from the negativity of all that is occurring on all social media platforms. 

A Government who’s own members cannot have common ground. 

Government that is concerned with economy over people. People drive the economy, not the other way around. 

I am a religious person, but the challenge of a church here in Alberta at the centre of attention that flouts the health orders as though religion in a specific place is essential. “The Kingdom of God is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me.” I am not making this about religion, but saying we have to stay open because we are essential is a myopic view of how to serve others.  I am sure online option for your people can be tolerated for a short time.

Change that to “Fitness and health is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone.” Do not tell me about hurting, suffering etc. when it comes to fitness and sport.  I have been at 1/8 of my workload for 9 months, so trust me when I tell you what hurt is. I have looked through my scope of practice from both certifying bodies I am registered with, no where have I found that I am able to take clients that are in severe pain or in a place of such poor mental health that I am essential.  But maybe that is why I am a below average trainer/ coach working at 1/8 of my previous load. To defy the orders, shows that  “we are NOT in this together” as many make the sacrifice to stick to such orders.  I fear this will just postpone the inevitable 4th, 5th etc. wave and we are back in this again 3, 6 or more months from now. In this industry there are smart people, we can work together to get through this. One on one is still allowed, as is outdoor training. With creativity, people can still be active, and come out of this with a new perspective. I am hurting, scared and frustrated as is anyone, and frankly sick of all this as well. 

I am saddened to see that a province that has gotten through the flood of 2012 and the Fort Mac fires in solidarity, making only millimetres of progress in a million directions as opposed to making significant progress in the things that matter the most. I consider myself a sport scientist, and as such we apply the scientific process to the realm of sport. That process includes identify solutions, understanding the problems or factors, creating a process for evaluation, analyzing results, making a conclusion, and communicating those results. However, I fear many are caught at the step of creating a new process, after being in this an entire year. Yes, I too suffer from Zoom fatigue, but we are all talented, smart, and educated individuals and such can move the needle on how we can have a true impact on our clients, athletes, and those we are asked to support. We can elevate what it is we do for our clients. I have always strived to have informed athletes; I as many want to coach, guide, teaching all the people I work with how to think, not what to think. Throughout all of this, my hope is that we can collectively come to a happier, safer place, and show that we can endure, we can adapt this profession, not industry, but a profession, can and will have a greater impact on society as a whole.

Until then, see you when I see you Social Media.

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