What to do when Goals are Met?

It has been a very long time since my last post here.  !00% of that can be attributed to a hectic work schedule.  For the entire summer I was bouncing around from four or five different locations, coaching, consulting and just trying to keep my head above the water.  This summer was a make or break summer for me.  I have been coaching now for nearly 10 years.   At some point you look at your life “style” and contemplate the chosen path.  The role of strength coach/ personal trainer or what ever you would like to deem it is one of sacrifice.  Not just personal on the role of the coach but of the family as well.  We work when people do not.  There are no “glory” jobs.  And those that are labeled a glory job, come with it there own issues… late nights, travel etc.

About a year ago I left a full time position to branch out and do build a reputation for my self.  Soon though the time was piling up and so was the fatigue.   I did reach a breaking point.  I was never home, I missed a lot of my daughters life that I will never get back.  I was for the most part one of the unhappiest people around.  And since the last time I was posting and I was in a terrible place, and got called out for it, I did not post for this time.  I know I have joked about leaving the profession a while back, but this time was the very end.  I had set a time line on it.  June 2013.  If things were not turned around by then, I would walk away with no regrets.  Maybe a few but it were time to put the dreams to an end and get on with life. I really did not know what I would do, as all I am trained to do is coach.  If I were not coaching I would be the guy outside the 7-11 bumming quarters.  I really do not have a host of skills outside of coaching and physiology.

This summer was very busy.  Well, actually the entire last year was very busy, but the summer was very busy.   As many of you know, I was offered summer contract role at the Canadian Sports Centre.  It was a great opportunity, so I could not say no.  My foot was in the door.  For me the Canadian Sports Centre has been that one position I have been waiting for since I moved to Calgary.  It was the reason I did my Masters.   To work at the Sports Centre would be the realization of a goal that includes an 11-year university career and moving out west.

On Friday, November 9th, the goal came to realization.   I signed an official contract to work at the Canadian Sports Centre as a strength coach and physiologist.   My contract includes the following. ..

Strength Consultant / Physiology Consultant for Water Polo Canada Men’s Team

Strength Consultant to Cross Country Canada.

Strength Consultant / Physiology Consultant to Women’s National Hockey Team.

Youth Programming Consultant to Winsport  – Helping to develop the next group of winter sport talent in Canada is the easiest description I can come up with.

A friend asked me a week ago at a conference, “How do you get yourself into all these cool positions and situations?”  My response?  “Patience, persistence and making yourself available.”  Yes, obviously there is a lot of hard work involved.  But those three things; patience, persistence and availability paid off.  It took a long time to get where I am today.  I am not bragging, but reflecting.  Not one hands anyone a glory job.  The give us the opportunity and it is ours to develop.  I was told that I was not handed this job, but worked for it. I have to thank those around me that gave me the opportunity and support, Jason, Rosie, Doc, Matt and James.  I have to thank my family who did the same.  Most of all I have to thank my wife, for putting up with all the stupid shit I have put her through in the last 8 years.  The ups, the downs, the frustrations and the tears.  So now with the biggest goal of my life met, I guess it is time to start making a new one.

Yours in Health and Performance

Jeff Osadec Mkin, CEP, CSCS



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  1. Eric de Nys

    Congrats on inking your contract. I know exactly where you are coming from.
    I can honestly say it’s a pleasure working with you and I commend your enthusiasm you bring to the work environment each and every session. Good stuff man!


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