Surround Yourself With Intelligent People

I’ve always been one to try and surround myself with like minded and intelligent people.  If I am the smartest man in a room, it is time to leave that room (we all know I rarely leave a room then because I am never the smartest man in a room).  But as I have mentioned in previous posts, one of the guys I look up to as a mentor (and glad to be able to call a friend) is Andrew at Natural High Crossfit in Okotoks (  Andrew is among some of the smartest guys I know in the profession.

I understand that from a few of the posts that I have had, I can come across as an “anti-crossfitter” as I have attempted to shed some reality on the principles and ideas surrounding Crossfit.  My last post was and article from Men’s Health Magazine that did not put such a positive spin on it.  However, it is not that I am against any method of training.  I am against those that use any method incorrectly, in the wrong sequence of training, or just plainly do not know what the hell they are doing.  I have said to many time and time again, if you want to do Crossfit, do it, but do it with someone who knows how to do things correctly.  Andrew and his team of trainers in Okotoks know exactly what they are doing.  That is one place in the area that is actually doing Crossfit more justice that I think the founder, Greg Glassman, is doing for it.  They are an educated bunch, who understand the process, the progression and understand training in general.   Andrew had written an article that he was gracious to share regarding “met-con” training.  I will say it is not a biased look at Crossfit but a clear and beautifully written article that clears states the correct way to use “met-con” training.  And as we know Crossfit is one of the most popular forms of “met-con” training at the present time.

Fitness Informer – met con

Have a read, it is a fantastic educational piece.   As well, if you are looking to challenge yourself and you are looking to do a couple of “WOD’s” see the guys in Okotoks.  Great facility and great people.


Once again,

Yours in Health and Performance

Jeff Osadec, MKin CEP CSCS

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