I am going to be honest… I have wanted to start this a long time ago, but I was apprehensive.  I always worry about rejection and negativity.  What if someone does’t like what I posted, what if I get negative comments?  Then  I met Josh Rubin, an amazing Holistic Life Coach from San Diego (check out his blog here  http://joshrubin.wordpress.com/ and his websitehttp://www.eastwesthealing.com/ here).  His words of wisdom instilled the confidence I needed to being this site.  Not everyone will like what I write.  Some may react negatively because this site challenges them to rethink what the believe the knew.

This first entry is be brief but lay the foundation for the sites future.  This sites purpose is to provoke thought, educate and facilitate a healthier lifestyle for all those who read it.  Here I will aim to post meaningful information and articles to promote a healthier approach to our life style.  I aim to be an educator and give those who read this the tools to follow their own journey… discover health and truly live life.

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