Someone Actually Called Crossfit a Cult… Ha!

I want to be clear that I am not here to pick sides, but share an interesting article.  I was about to post an write up on some common gym mistakes in training but this article really intrigued me.


I would like to share a link to the Men’s Health web site.  I have been reading this publication for a long time and they are usually pretty quick to pick up on a trend, fad or new fitness craze, but it took some time for them to focus an article on Crossfit.


I realize that the article is average at best and it is a “popular” magazine, but what interested me more than the article (the bias is clearly evident) was the comments at the end of the Internet site.  It is clear that the followers of Crossfit have taken offence.  Once again, I am not here to offend but share interesting information.  I would like this to open discussing and see the comments this article creates.

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